June 21, 2018 3:47 pm


In the latest instalment of our ‘Day in the Life’ series, we meet another of our GABBERS. Terri Turner is our London lady and one of our National Account Managers.

We take a look at what her typical day looks like…

I set my alarm nice and early so I’ve got plenty of time to hit that snooze button whilst I wake up. By the fifth snooze I’m ready to go and I get up, usually about 7:15am.

Number one on my morning agenda is always a nice cup of tea. Milk, one sugar in my travel mug to keep me topped up whilst I take my French bulldog, Duchess for her morning walk.

Next stop is a good old 80s playlist while I get dressed, do my hair and make-up for the day before grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal that I definitely should not be eating.

I’m on the road by 8:30am ready to face the day.

For me, every day is different which is brilliant. My role at GAB involves working closely with clients and agents and building strong relationships so I’m rarely in the same place two days running so my weeks are always really varied.

Mondays are usually spent at our London office preparing weekly reports to show how well the team have done! There is a mid-morning conference call with the Sales Director to talk targets and after that a catch up with the Operations Manager to discuss the weeks focusses. Tuesday will be a busy day at two different client’s Head Offices and then I will be heading down to Brighton to host a showcase event to some of our top Brighton based agents.

I will be in GAB’s Manchester office at the back end of the week to see the sales team and spend time with one of our Senior Bookings Execs as she is ready to present her new business ideas, which is part of her development programme. I’ll also have a brain storm with the marketing department about the up and coming relaunch campaigns that we are working on. Whilst in the city I will take the opportunity to touch base with the Restaurant Managers and see how our bookings are benefitting them.

At the end of the day, if I was at home and I was being good, I would head to the gym for a full workout and then have a nice healthy meal, the current favourite being a delicious sweet potato and lentil curry. But as I am not at home I’ll go straight back to the hotel for a carb loaded “room service” dinner with a big glass of wine whilst watching an episode of Power.

Friday sees my week finishing with a sales meeting back in London, so after making a few last-minute tweaks to my presentation on the train back down, I am ready to present our successes and wins to the senior team!

The working week is done…it’s time for a facemask and a long hot bath!


Join the GAB Team!

May 1, 2018 10:53 am

We're Hiring

Fancy joining GAB? We have an exciting opportunity for a Booking Executive based in our Manchester office! 


We are looking for a well organised, enthusiastic individual who can manage their own work-load and be responsive to the needs of the Operations Manager and Sales Manager.

Training will be given to the successful individual for relevant tasks as well as the company’s bespoke Booking System prior and throughout the role.


  • To ensure any amendments and cancellations are dealt with appropriately and communicated correctly.
  • To rehouse any confirmed bookings in to new venues in the local area when sites are closed (permanently or temporarily).
  • Chase deposits and pre-orders for all bookings where necessary.
  • Extensive knowledge of menu and package offerings that all relevant GAB clients offer.
  • Create all bookings in the bespoke booking system and communicate in a friendly and professional manner with the restaurant teams,
  • Communicate all invoicing for credit clients to central accounts teams.
  • Create and nurture relationships with both clients and agents to ensure good partnerships are maintained.
  • Conduct follow up calls to previous bookers to entice them to rebook group menus/events with GAB’s clients.


  • Passion for customer service & administration.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Excellent phone manner.
  • Fantastic work ethic.
  • Extensive knowledge of excel, word, office and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to work under pressure, flexible hours on occasion and to strict deadlines.
  • Outstanding organization and time management.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills (phone, in person, email).
  • Personal drive and motivation.

To apply for this role, please send CV and covering letter to samf@gabconsultancy.co.uk.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Bookings executive: 1 year (Required)

A Day In The Life Of….. Sam

April 24, 2018 11:51 am

What better way to get a feel for GAB and its GABBERs than an insight into what happens in a day here.

For the first in a series of many, we’ll be seeing what a day could look like for Sam Fraser, GAB Operations Manager.”


“My alarm goes off at 6am but I almost ALWAYS have to hit the snooze button, so at 6.08am I finally drag myself up and start the process of getting myself and my 11-year old son, Noah, up.

Once I’ve got showered and dressed, I’ll go and make some breakfast for Noah, feed the kitten and make my (not-so) overnight oats to take into work. Whilst the child and the kitten feast away, I’ll then prep my lunch and layer on as much mascara as my remaining time allows me!

I then rush out of the door carrying my lunch bag, handbag, Noah’s kit bag and potentially a swim bag, food tech bag and probably a coat or two whilst also trying to prevent the kitten from escaping….watching in jealousy as Noah casually saunters to the car with only his school bag and not a care in the world!

Once he’s been dropped off at his bus stop, I’ll drive into the GAB office in Manchester for 8am, and then my working day starts.

My first port of call is a cup of coffee!  Always. Hot and strong with a couple of sugars, ready to set me up for the next part of my day.

Most of the time I’ll start by going through my emails from the evening before and that morning and catching up on everything. This will usually include an overview of the teams’ figures from the day before, running through account updates and any key bookings that have come in overnight.

I’ll then have a quick catch up with each team, running through updates, results and key actions and having some one to one time with individuals. We’ll come up with action plans for the next couple of weeks, including menu focusses, proactive mailers and key agents to speak to.

A couple of hours of working on Canva to design said mailer and it’s time for a conference call with one of our clients who we work with on both third party sales and marketing. This is a chance for both sides to run through the latest monthly figures, feedback and look ahead so we can scope out priorities and actions. It’s good to keep in contact with all clients as much as possible to ensure we’re all on the same page.

After a very quick bite to eat (nicely prepped this morning!) it’s time to have a couple of our monthly one-to-ones with some of the GAB Sales Team. I’ll then have a quick catch up with Charli, GAB MD, and Naomi, our Office Manager, on all things invoicing and tracking to make sure that the financing and admin side of things is all on track, before jumping in my car at 4pm and reverting to mummy mode!

After collecting Noah on route home it’s time to pour a large vino, make dinner, attempt to help with the homework (I secretly have to relearn myself each time) and if I’m lucky have a quick go on the cross trainer for as long as my body will allow!

Bedtime for me is never later than 10pm as I am a huge sleep monster and if I don’t sleep, I am a super grump and no one wants that…

Setting my alarm for 6am again, in the hope of an easy 6.08am get up, and to start it all again!”


Sam F

An Afternoon Treat Indeed!

March 1, 2018 4:27 pm

The wheels are always turning here at GAB towers, so when our very own Casual Dining Group Central Sales team pulled together a brand new Afternoon Tea offering for Café Rouge, we were as proud as punch.
The exciting news is that it will soon be widely available across all restaurants in the UK!
What’s included?
A SELECTION OF CAKES – Including Lemon & Poppy Seed, Carrot, Coconut, Chocolate & Raspberry and Chocolate Red Velvet
FRUIT SCONES served with clotted cream & Bonne Maman strawberry jam
CLASSIC CROQUE MONSIEUR – A classic grilled Emmental cheese sandwich on sourdough with smoked ham & béchamel sauce (Vegetarian option of Portobello Mushroom is available upon request)

What’s even better is that Café Rouge’s afternoon tea is available with either a cup of traditional Twining’s tea or a glass of fizzy prosecco!

Launching this April, guests can book EXCLUSIVELY through the central sales telephone line. So, what are you waiting for?
Give the team a call now on 0207 121 3227.


Afternoon Tea menu (005).1-page-001

Digital Marketing – 3 things to watch

February 8, 2018 1:30 pm

We’re just over one month in to 2018 and it’s already been a busy year full of news, trends and predictions!

The ever-evolving methods of digital marketing can be a confusing abundance of technical jargon, so we thought we’d round up our top three tips and trends to help kick start this year’s learning….


The recent news on Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm appears to have had marketers all over the globe shaking in their boots, but really, it’s just down to concentrating on content.

Community engagement will be prioritised i.e content with conversations and interactions, meaning salesy, pushy business posts will slowly disappear. But this to us, is surely good news? It means the authentic, engaging content will win, and as marketers we should be identifying this and utilising it for all brands/businesses/clients anyway.

Authenticity and content is key, even more so now. So let’s get planning!


Talking of content….it’s kind of a big deal. And will continue to be so not only for the above but across all digital marketing platforms. Video will continue to shine through bigger and brighter, virtual reality perhaps? Showing the brand and business in a real authentic way as audiences becoming wiser to paid for, sponsored or purposefully created content. This also applies to influencer communities, their audiences need to see real reviews, opinions, recommendations to believe in them and the brand.


Not only due to the new algorithms coming in, but also with it being the most targeted form of digital marketing there is. You can specifically target your audiences with the right content, at the right time, on the right places. And it works! So not only do we think we’ll see a big increase on this, but it’s predicted to be on the prices too! Regardless, when planning your strategy for 2018, social ad spend should 100% be in there.

Digital Marketing