Digital Marketing – 3 things to watch

February 8, 2018 1:30 pm

We’re just over one month in to 2018 and it’s already been a busy year full of news, trends and predictions!

The ever-evolving methods of digital marketing can be a confusing abundance of technical jargon, so we thought we’d round up our top three tips and trends to help kick start this year’s learning….


The recent news on Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm appears to have had marketers all over the globe shaking in their boots, but really, it’s just down to concentrating on content.

Community engagement will be prioritised i.e content with conversations and interactions, meaning salesy, pushy business posts will slowly disappear. But this to us, is surely good news? It means the authentic, engaging content will win, and as marketers we should be identifying this and utilising it for all brands/businesses/clients anyway.

Authenticity and content is key, even more so now. So let’s get planning!


Talking of content….it’s kind of a big deal. And will continue to be so not only for the above but across all digital marketing platforms. Video will continue to shine through bigger and brighter, virtual reality perhaps? Showing the brand and business in a real authentic way as audiences becoming wiser to paid for, sponsored or purposefully created content. This also applies to influencer communities, their audiences need to see real reviews, opinions, recommendations to believe in them and the brand.


Not only due to the new algorithms coming in, but also with it being the most targeted form of digital marketing there is. You can specifically target your audiences with the right content, at the right time, on the right places. And it works! So not only do we think we’ll see a big increase on this, but it’s predicted to be on the prices too! Regardless, when planning your strategy for 2018, social ad spend should 100% be in there.

Digital Marketing