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In the latest instalment of our ‘Day in the Life’ series, we meet another of our GABBERS. Terri Turner is our London lady and one of our National Account Managers.

We take a look at what her typical day looks like…

I set my alarm nice and early so I’ve got plenty of time to hit that snooze button whilst I wake up. By the fifth snooze I’m ready to go and I get up, usually about 7:15am.

Number one on my morning agenda is always a nice cup of tea. Milk, one sugar in my travel mug to keep me topped up whilst I take my French bulldog, Duchess for her morning walk.

Next stop is a good old 80s playlist while I get dressed, do my hair and make-up for the day before grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal that I definitely should not be eating.

I’m on the road by 8:30am ready to face the day.

For me, every day is different which is brilliant. My role at GAB involves working closely with clients and agents and building strong relationships so I’m rarely in the same place two days running so my weeks are always really varied.

Mondays are usually spent at our London office preparing weekly reports to show how well the team have done! There is a mid-morning conference call with the Sales Director to talk targets and after that a catch up with the Operations Manager to discuss the weeks focusses. Tuesday will be a busy day at two different client’s Head Offices and then I will be heading down to Brighton to host a showcase event to some of our top Brighton based agents.

I will be in GAB’s Manchester office at the back end of the week to see the sales team and spend time with one of our Senior Bookings Execs as she is ready to present her new business ideas, which is part of her development programme. I’ll also have a brain storm with the marketing department about the up and coming relaunch campaigns that we are working on. Whilst in the city I will take the opportunity to touch base with the Restaurant Managers and see how our bookings are benefitting them.

At the end of the day, if I was at home and I was being good, I would head to the gym for a full workout and then have a nice healthy meal, the current favourite being a delicious sweet potato and lentil curry. But as I am not at home I’ll go straight back to the hotel for a carb loaded “room service” dinner with a big glass of wine whilst watching an episode of Power.

Friday sees my week finishing with a sales meeting back in London, so after making a few last-minute tweaks to my presentation on the train back down, I am ready to present our successes and wins to the senior team!

The working week is done…it’s time for a facemask and a long hot bath!