About GAB

GAB Consultancy was formed after two conscientious freelancers joined forces to make a formidable partnership, both offering their own unique strengths. Over the last few years the team has now grown to eleven.

Our team is a handpicked, careful selection of individuals who embody the same values as GAB’s creators, honesty, professionalism and straight talking. As a team we offer a full range of creative solutions and sales support tailored to meet your needs.

“For expert marketing and PR you need the gift of the GAB”

How we can help you

Our Mission
Is to be the freelance team that everybody turns to when they need marketing, communications, sales, PR and events support, no matter how large or small the project is.

Our Vision
Understanding – The most important part of any project is understanding what the client’s needs are and concentrating on achieving them effectively and efficiently.

Our Approach
Is extremely personable, always professional, committed, focused and passionate about making each project a successful one.

“We’re the expert marketing and PR company everyone’s GABbing about!”

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