GAB’s #lovechristmas Part Two

December 2, 2013 11:50 am View All Posts
  1. Over Eating – we all do it so we need to join together and embrace a bit of over eating. It only happens once a year – yeah right! We shall be doing it quite a lot at PizzaExpress this year. Well it’s only fair we sample the goods we promote isn’t it?!
  2. Shopping – the sales come earlier and earlier each year which is good for us as we can buy more shoes, clothes, jewellery, handbags, you name it!!
  3. Loved Ones – we love to catch up with fellow GAB-er’s, the ones who taught us our skills and even now we practise talking (a lot!) when we are around them!
  4. Home Alone – nothing beats it being cold outside, being wrapped up and watching an epic Christmas movie.
  5. Novelty knitwear – no one can escape a Christmas jumper. So bad but so good. This year we will mostly be sporting these babies!
  6. Day Festivities – it’s the time of year that’s more socially acceptable to go out in the day so we shall have a glass of Prosecco please and we will see you later!